The Flying Carpet Children Festival is a learning platform for artists and children, alike, to create a harmonious experience through music, light, beauty, and truth.

We organize festivals specializing in forward thinking design, music and art dedicated towards educating children who need it most. We've selected artists, musicians and visionaries from all over the world, with the common goal of creating the best possible musical educational experience for the locals, children and visitors of Mardin, Turkey.



artists & volunteers

We create a cultural experience consisting of various workshops and performances through the festival week for the most in need.

Artists arrive a week before the event and hold several educational and creative workshops alongside numerous performances in Mardin, Istasyon and Nusaybin. The festival also consists of two major performances and a parade at the opening and the closing of the event in Mardin. The festival week consists of many street performances, recitals, and concerts by local performers which are all focused on an educational, cultural and engaging experience for the children of the region.



Flying carpet is for everyone, but especially the children. We believe that children growing up in the most difficult circumstances are the most inspired to bring change to their surroundings. We invest in the most vulnerable children in one of the most difficult regions of the world to be a child. We collaborate with children in order to  experience and develop a creative process which can provide every child with unlimited opportunities and methods of expression in the most meaningful way possible. We provide children with many musical solutions to life, not necessarily to create a musician out of them but simply to provide them with creative methods to express their own story and feelings without being directly exposed to their audience and to their surroundings. 





The first Flying Carpet Children Festival is held in the city of Mardin, the southern most part of Turkey. Mardin is near the Syrian border where more than 3 Million refugees have been resettled. The festival is free for everyone.



Flying Carpet founder, Sahba Aminikia, and our team of visionaries are creating a festival to engage and educate children and adults through a curated experience of music, beauty, and light.


Flying Carpet is a project designed by Müzikhane. We are sponsored and organized by Her Yerde Sanat Dernegi, a prominent organization that provides circus arts training to nearly 5000 children residing in this region. We launched and developed under the recently-establish music department at Sirkhane which provides musical education and child development though the means of music in the three cities of Mardin, Istasyon and Nusaybin. The festival is directed and curated by Sahba Aminikia , Sirkhane Musical Director and Iranian-American composer. We are supported by a group of visionary designers, artists and magicians who see this as an opportunity to provide for those who are most in need of arts and music with the most engaging yet educational experiences possible. Flying Carpet is an example of what can be accomplished and what children of the world all deserve to be provided with.