Sing with me

Stephen Braisht


Sing With Me is a collaborative singing experience that allows participants to sing part of a song and then see their contribution stitched into the song and projected onto a large public wall. It was designed and developed by Stephen Braisht for the 2018 Flying Carpet Music Festival in Mardin, Turkey. In the three days that the installation ran during the festival about 400 people (children and adults alike) sang in our singing booth and then ran into the adjacent room to see themselves projected onto a wall alongside the other participant contributions.

The temporary installation included a booth in which children were able to imitate the musical artists shown in a video when their video is also being recorded. The recorded clips were later used in an installation which was projected inside the room. A collage of all children and artists singing a single part of a song which together made up the whole song. The results were later published on the website:





Shek-shekar is designed by Soheila Bajelan and was born at Sirkhane by Soheila and Ladan Mehranzadeh, two invited artists from Iran. Soheila and Ladan collaborating with children from Mardin Sirkhane center created Shek-shekar for the period of Flying Carpet Music Festival. Shek-shekar was later joined by three of his friends shipped from Iran and performed several times throughout the festival

The puppet-making workshops started in July and were initiated by Iranian puppet-makers Soheila Bajelan and Ladan Mehranzadeh. Through this project we were able to bring three other gigantic puppets from Iran which were originally designed by Soheila Bajelan and use them in every show. The puppet team occasionally performed at many public places throughout the city of Mardin for children and adults.



This project was initiated and implemented by Iranian designer Avideh Saadatpajouh and Iranian-Canadian artist Yassi Pishvaei in collaboration with children from Sirkhane. The result is a large 4-wall mural in which multiple electronic kits are used. The installation responds to sound through light. The artists started working on this project in August and the mural is now permanently active at Mardin Sirkhane center.