To play may seem silly in essence; but it is through play that a child learns. 





Fiscal Sponser:



ARTogether is a resource center for the refugee community, providing free creative arts instruction and supplies within a setting that supports social gathering, human connection, and community-building.

ARTogether stands alone as the only creative arts program in the San Francisco Bay Area that specifically serves refugees. They strive to adapt to the special circumstances of the diverse groups that we work with.

As they customize their classes, they consider their participants’ immigration status, family status, language and country of origin, age, sexual orientation, length of time in the United States, and access to transportation. 

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Previous Sponsors:

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Private Donors:

  • Schadab Foundation

  • David and Regan Harrington

  • Aleksandra Vrebalov

  • Andrew Gilbert

  • Taraneh Hemami

  • Céline Bulteau 

  • Banafsheh Jalali

  • Sarah Cahill

  • Kathy Babcock

  • Nina Marquez

  • Nicole de Laharpe

  • Aida Shirazi

  • Sahba Amjadi

  • Ruben Tenenbaum

  • James Melchert

  • Mark Rosenberg

  • John King

  • James Melchert

  • Mansour Taeed 

  • Nicky Nodjoumi

  • Paul Bergel

  • Nahal Farhi

  • Jacopo Ferro

  • Mark Machiz

  • Maria Chessa

  • Tanbir Johal

  • Pavel Kotov

  • Nazli Rahmanian

  • Charlene Whitehead

  • Burcu Serpil

  • Alice Wingwall

  • Annagreta Swanson

  • Leila Morshed Mohseni

  • Nicholas Photinos

  • Kyle Hovatter

  • Monda Tajbakhsh

  • Travis Andrews

  • Danielle Harris

  • Lawrence Rush

  • Natalie Cone

  • Luciano Chessa

  • Sébastien Coste

  • Francesca Noli

  • Tolou Golkar

  • Sina Mirzad

  • Rachel Wortham 

  • Anahita Ferasat

  • Sam Valenti

  • Kia Behnia

  • Hakimeh Kadivar

  • Kazem Almdari

  • Nayereh Tohidi

  • Alborz Mirsadeghi

  • Ryan Kelly

  • Nima Mirzad

  • FNJS Willison

  • Janet Cowperthwaite

  • Grit Friedrich