To play may seem silly in essence; but it is through play that a child learns. 





Sirkhane Social Circus School

Sirkhane Social Circus School helps restore confidence in refugee youth by teaching circus tricks in Mardin. Our mission is to provide safe, friendly and embracing environment for children, who are effected by conflicts. Replace their damaged childhood with happiness and enrich the children’s imagination with colors of social circus pedagogy. 

Sirkhane Social Circus School is carrying out activities in Turkey and Iraq. Children have opportunities to collaborate and form friendships with each other, beyond gender, social and cultural differences. In doing so, they manifest peace, harmony, open mindedness and cheerfulness in their local and global communities. Laughter is childhood, laughter is happiness.


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Fiscal Sponsers:

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Cuatro Puntos refers to a non profit organization based in Hartford, Connecticut, USA. It's mission is to use the power of music toward fostering intercultural dialogue (productive communication between people of different backgrounds, cultures, languages, or views) and universal access (giving people of all ability levels equal opportunity). Cuatro Puntos currently consists of the  Music Moves Hartford program for those who experience homelessness in Hartford, Cuatro Puntos Resident Musicians and Concert Series, In-School workshops in Hartford, and various guest artists. We also  partner with Müzikhane, a program for refugee and vulnerable children along the Syrian border in Southeastern Turkey.  We value partnerships with organizations and individuals with a similar mission, both near and far. Past collaborative partners include the Afghanistan National Institute of Music,  AFCECO Orphanage music program in Kabul, an El Sistema Program in Tarija, Bolivia, and the American School for the Deaf.  When partnering with projects abroad, it is important that the collaboration lead to enrichment of our activities in Connecticut.  Cuatro Puntos also releases albums of music performed by our resident musicians and guests, with albums currently released on the Toccata Classics and Métier labels. More info:



ARTogether is a resource center for the refugee community, providing free creative arts instruction and supplies within a setting that supports social gathering, human connection, and community-building.

ARTogether stands alone as the only creative arts program in the San Francisco Bay Area that specifically serves refugees. They strive to adapt to the special circumstances of the diverse groups that we work with.

As they customize their classes, they consider their participants’ immigration status, family status, language and country of origin, age, sexual orientation, length of time in the United States, and access to transportation. 

Local Partners: