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Müzikhane Dostluk Orkestrası

The Müzikhane Dostluk Orkestrası (Müzikhane Friendship Orchestra) is the newest program of Müzikhane. Initiated by Müzikhane it uses the ethereal magic of instrumental music to bring children together for a unifying educational and social experience. Refugee and vulnerable children of varied backgrounds and native tongues leave troubles at the door to reclaim a bit of childhood through instruments. The program serves children in the Mardin Province of Eastern Turkey, operating in multiple towns and villages weekly. Children ages 8-17 learn in small orchestra sections of 14: 8 violinists, 3 violists, and 3 cellists. Classes are held daily, with each individual section meeting for class twice per week, for practice hours and for special events. Children who play other instruments, including local Turkish, Syrian and Iraqi instruments, are also invited to special sessions where they learn the same songs and perform with the orchestra. The Müzikhane Dostluk Orkestrası brings children together to indulge their childhood through the mystery of music making. It is only when a young person is able to freely express themself in a safe environment that true music can flow from their heart.