Flying Carpet 2019 Guest-artist Application is now open! Please fill out the form below.

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Flying Carpet is a curated event and artists will be invited to apply by our musical director. We have a rigorous selection process. To be considered please submit the form and tell us about yourself and your project.



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Please note that we are a small NGO (a non-profit organization) based in southeast of Turkey and our resources are extremely limited and more dedicated to children. If you can pay for your own flight ticket, you will have a higher chance of joining us.
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Please indicate the period that you want to be in Mardin, Turkey. The festival will occur between July 7th - August 24th. The performances will happen between August 18th - 24th.
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Please give us a short summary of what are you trying to accomplish during your residency at our festival.
Please read the following statement which is the first principle of our festival: *
I acknowledge that Flying Carpet Festival is a volunteer-based collective of artists, which is entirely founded on the foundation passion, beauty and sense of responsibility in every guest artist. We the founders and the guest artists are all world-class musicians and WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY fees or compensation for our creative process for children who are in distress in conflict zones.